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My locally run Yoga & Relaxation Classes provide an easily accessible way for you to enhance your health and well-being. The classes are individually tailored and offer you the chance to take the next step along your path of self-discovery through the practice of Hatha Yoga and meditation, leaving you feeling renewed with a greatly enhanced sense of well-being and positivity.

Sylvia will be your yoga instructor and therapist. She brings a wealth of related knowledge from the holistic mind-body field and 25 years teaching experience to the sessions.
Sylvia's deep commitment is expressed in a supportive, "easy going" teaching style which is motivational and places emphasis on fostering a real sense of enjoyment in the practice of Yoga.
Her firmly held belief is that a Yoga life-style approach - including meditation and breathing techniques - benefits everyone in body, mind and spirit. Furthermore, when we enjoy doing something we are much more likely to make it a part of our daily lives and so reap the benefits!

Thanks for teaching me all the easy to use but very powerful techniques. I have a very stressful job and I can use these tools in my everyday life now. I feel so much lighter and energized now.

Being complete novices the class was tailored to our particular needs. It was a great introduction to yoga, refreshing to both the body and the mind and a very enjoyable experience overall. We have been able to take back with us techniques which we have been able to incorporate into our daily lives. Much recommended. Thank you!
Lilian, England

I am so grateful for all the things you taught me during our time together in Cyprus. I have been doing yoga each morning and have also started cycling to work which has made me feel so much more balanced and full of energy. I have to say that one of the best things I took away from my experience with you is how to really breathe properly, it can get you through all situations - stress, nerves, pain....
Laura, England

I spent a week in Cyprus receiving intensive yoga and healing from Sylvia and I feel very lucky to have met her. She is a highly skilled professional and a very experienced healer - she has a compassion and kindness and a deep insight which are very apparent on meeting her and during her therapeutic sessions. Within a very short space of time Sylvia tailored her skills and knowledge to exactly meet my needs - I feel this was a very personalized approach and produced an extremely effective combination of yoga, and other forms of guided relaxation and meditation techniques as well as use of other healing methods. The emphasis is very much on mind and body connection and simply makes sense for those seeking a more peaceful and balanced existence. I would strongly recommend Sylvia to anyone seeking relaxation, spiritual guidance and balance in their lives.
Caroline, London, England

We offer Mind/Body Therapies to address a wide spectrum of conditions ranging from physical pain and disease to mental and emotional issues.
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